A Festa Portuguesa @thePark, Emperors Palace

24 October 2013 - 27 October 2013

@thePark, Emperors Palace, Johannesburg, Gauteng

The Authentic Portuguese Experience


This top-end event is the first of its kind in terms of cultural authenticity and it's designed to highlight and uplift the Portuguese community of South Africa and showcases elements of Portuguese influence in Brazil, Angola and Mozambique.

It's a fact that every time we eat, drink, socialize with friends and family and listen to music, it’s a celebration. It’s what we do, it’s who we are.

One of the things we love most about our culture is how the ordinary experiences of daily life are transformed into something of substance. You'll have the opportunity to walk through a replica of a traditional Portuguese village and pick out fresh fruit and vegetables at an open air market, finding the perfect cheese, cured meats, olives and wine or walk into a patisserie with so many delightful choices you'd be hard pressed to choose only one.

Visit our many well known Portuguese restaurateurs who will prepare rich full-flavoured dishes. Our kids are so important to us, and so much of our lives is focused around them. This s a perfect opportunity to keep kids happy and parents free to indulge.

An incredible kids activity area, complete with an outstanding water world awaits them. Minders will keep your little ones entertained. As for the teens, we haven't forgotten to create an amazing experience for you too. Some of you may have had the privilege of experiencing the Carnival in Rio, and for those who haven't, no need to save for a plane ticket, we'll bring Brazil to you. On Saturday evening the 26th of October, we will recreate a Rio carnival parade complete with the legendary DJ Paul Almeida and a Samba band all the way from Brazil. Universities will receive a budget, choose a theme, build a float, create costumes, and music to represent their themes. Whist enjoying the delicate summer sun and taking in the sounds of your favourite local and international entertainers, sip one of our very popular Caipirinhas (made with the original Cashaca) or a Katemba (Coke infused with red wine) or simply indulge in one of our Portuguese beers and drafts like Superbock.

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