Terms and Conditions
Winners Circle

Winners Circle Terms and Conditions

By using your Winners Circle Card including the Winners Circle Smart Card, you agree to the terms and conditions of the programme as set out below:

  • The Winners Circle programme is administered and controlled by Peermont Global (Pty) Ltd (“Peermont”).
  • Peermont Winners Circle members must be 18 years of age or older. Proof of age is required before an application form for membership will be accepted e.g. valid Identity Document, Passport or South African Drivers License.
  • The approval of any application for membership to the programme is at the sole discretion of Peermont. Any decision taken in this regard is final and binding.
  • Juristic persons e.g. close corporations and companies and any other legal entities are not eligible to participate in the programme. Only natural persons are eligible for the programme.
  • Employees and immediate family of the employees of Peermont group companies are not eligible to participate.
  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in these conditions, the accumulation and redemption of points and the upgrade and downgrade in status tiers (such as silver and gold status) are subject to the sole and absolute discretion of Peermont.
  • Cards are valid for a period of 24 months, and status level will be reviewed upon renewal.
  • Peermont reserves the right to alter or cancel this programme at any time without prior notice.
  • Membership is not transferable and only one membership per person is permitted.
    Only the member in whose name the Winners Circle Card is issued is entitled to use the Winners Circle Card.
  • Fraudulent usage of the Winners Circle Card will result in the immediate loss of Winners Circle membership and all privileges will be permanently revoked.
  • Any use of the Winners Circle Card contrary to the rules of the programme must be reported to Peermont immediately.
  • People issued with Right of Admission Notice or person who has self excluded himself/or herself from gaming forfeit all privileges associated with this programme until such time the Notice expires or the self exclusion is uplifted by the relevant authorities.
  • When playing slots, it is the member’s responsibility to ensure their Winners Circle Card is correctly inserted into the Card reader and is functioning correctly. The Card reader display will welcome the member by name and reflect the member’s point balance.
  • In the event of a Card being incorrectly inserted, lost or stolen, Peermont cannot be held responsible or liable for the loss of points or benefits. A lost or stolen Card must be reported immediately to the Winners Circle Desk. Peermont reserves the right to levy a
    Card replacement fee to replace a Winners Circle Card.
  • Points accumulated are valid for 12 months, upon which any unredeemed points will be forfeited and cannot be reclaimed. If a membership Card is inactive for a period of 12 months, Winners Circle membership will lapse and all accrued points will be cancelled.
  • Points accumulated will reflect within 48 hours of play.
  • On redemption of points, the relevant member’s signed Winners Circle Card must be produced. Positive proof of identity may also be required on redemption. Only one Card per redemption transaction may be used.
  • The member is required to notify Peermont in writing of any change of address or personal details within one month of the change.
  • Peermont Winners Circle benefits are not applicable in conjunction with any other Peermont discount programme, promotion or offer, unless otherwise indicated by Peermont.
  • Peermont reserves the right to adjust the member’s points or prize total point totals where points have accrued as a result of a malfunction, operator fault,  misrepresentation or any other reason beyond the control of Peermont.
  • Peermont reserves the right to adjust Winners Circle point balances for the settlement of merchandise, rooms, food, beverage, events or any other expense.
  • In the event of a Card being incorrectly inserted, lost or stolen, Peermont cannot be held responsible or liable for the loss of funds.
  • Peermont will also not be liable or responsible for the loss of funds on your Winners Circle Smart Card due any persons gaining unauthorised access to the Card, the Card number or the PIN or as a result of you not changing the default PIN. A lost or stolen
    Card must be reported immediately to the Winners Circle Desk. Peermont reserves the right to levy a Card replace fee. If found, please return to Peermont Global (Pty) Ltd, P O Box 98670, Sloane Park, South Africa, 2152.
  • To activate your Winners Circle Smart Card, a default PIN code will be issued to you on receipt of your Winners Circle Smart Card. You need to change the default code immediately by creating your own PIN. Your PIN must be numeric and must have 4 digits (may not begin with a zero). You should take proper care and do everything that is necessary to prevent the PIN number from being lost, stolen or wrongfully used. Ensure that any record of the PIN is kept separate from your Winners Circle Smart Card in a safe place and do not allow anybody to obtain knowledge of the PIN. If you forget your PIN you need to request the Winners Circle Desk to reset the PIN.
  • Peermont will lock any reported lost or stolen Winners Circle Smart Card. The remaining balance bonus points, if any, may be transferred to a new Winners Circle Smart Card.
  • The Peermont Winners Circle Card remains the property of Peermont.
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