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Press Room

Cathedral - The New Stage Production by Nataniël

07 January 2010

Nataniël brings his latest creation, CATHEDRAL, to the stage at the Theatre Of Marcellus, Emperors Palace, from 11 February 2010.

Since the beginning of civilization, man has been obsessed with the creation of gigantic buildings, structures that intimidate, fascinate and obliterate. Entire generations spent their lifes building cathedrals without ever seeing them completed. Engineers, architects and artists devoted their talent and time to the construction of some of the world's largest and most admired buildings, only to be judged or driven from it.

In his new show, CATHEDRAL, Nataniël takes his audience on a journey through time, taking a unique look at this age-old phenomenon, mankind being captured, seduced, threatened and destroyed by its own creations.

With original music ranging from pop, rock and soul to old-world torch songs and jazz, the show also includes a collection new stories in typical Nataniël-style. 

Nataniël shares the stage with Charl du Plessis (keyboards), Juan Oosthuizen (guitar), Corné Dannhauser (bass), Tonia Selley (percussion), Vincenzo Henrico (drums) and Nicolas Swart (vocals). The show also features a guest appearance by coleraturo soprano, Tanya Tait.

Fantastical, hysterical, honest, different, truly funny and always entertaining, this is the world according to Nataniël. 

Script, music and staging by Nataniël. Costumes by Floris Louw.

Nataniuel's first studio album in three years will be launch on opening night. This cd features music from his past three stage productions at Emperors Palace, including CATHEDRAL.

Cd's, books and products from the Kaalkop range available at all performances.

  • Theatre of Marcellus
  • From 11 February 2010
  • Wednesdays to Saturdays at 20h30
  • Sundays at 15h00
  • Book at Computicket

• Language: 70% English, 30% Afrikaans

• No children under 15


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