Mmabatho Palms at Lapa La Botlhe Old Age Home

This year Mmabatho Palms will yet again be hands- on with the old age home in partnership with the North West Gambling Board. Twenty staff volunteers will accompany the GM to unveil the highlight of the day which is the NEW borehole. Funding worth R40 000 from CSI budget was allocated towards building the borehole to ensure improved living conditions and water supply at the old age home.

On MANDELA day, staff volunteers will leave at 8am to the home in order to assist with cooking, cleaning, serving soup, donating cloths and blanket that are donated by staff members. The chef and his team will prepare healthy rich soup and bread for the cold winter day.

Lapa La Lotlhe Old Age Home is located in the heart of Mahikeng Lonely Park Village. The old age home accommodates 79 people ranging from 60- 108 of age.

Back at the hotel though, staff have been donating clothes in the box situated in the HR office. A Mandela card has been created for staff members to write their posititve message and is currently being moved around by our PR intern Omphemetse Mokone who has dedicated her time in ensuring that the card and Mandela day logistics internally are executed seamlessly and successfully.

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