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Blackjack Knock Out at Frontier

03 January 2014 - 26 December 2014

Frontier Casino, Bethlehem, Free State

R1000 up for grabs EVERY WEEK!


Play Blackjack Knock Out every Friday - Finals on the last Friday of the Month

Entry fee is R100 per person and players may enter as many times as they wish.


Upon entering, players take their receipt to the table for registration. Each heat will have a maximum of 7 players. Players are allocated 2 stacks (40 pieces) each to play with at the beginning of every heat. It is compulsory for each and every player to participate in each and every hand of a hit provided the participant has chips left to play. Players will be allowed 14 hands per heat, every Friday. For the final, every last Friday of the month, players will be allowed 21 hands per heat. Using a marker button that will be passed to the next box after every hand, each and every player will have the chance of playing the “first box” thrice.

At the end of the heats, the top 7 players with the highest score will be displayed on a leader board. Each heat has a gaming staff member responsible for recording the scores of participants. At the end of every heat, scores will be recorded, starting with the highest score and descending to the lowest. Participants will verify their score and sign acknowledgment thereof.

Participants will be informed of the rules and regulations of the tournament prior to commencement of the heat.


The top 7 players in the four weeks will be afforded the opportunity to play at the finals on the last Friday of the month, and will be notified of their position every last Friday of the month.

The 7 players will play 3 heats as the finals of that month. Scores will be recorded and prize money shared accordingly as per below.


  • Standard Blackjack procedures as approved by the FSGLA will apply with the exception of surrender.
  • Participants are not allowed to surrender their boxes.
  • The table value will be R10.00 and you are allowed to play as many pieces per hand as you like.
  • On the “Perfect Pairs” side bet, the players will only be allowed to play a maximum of 5 chips.
  • Players will be allowed to play “Perfect Pairs” and the pay outs are as follows:

    • Mixed Pairs 6:1
    • Coloured Pairs 11:1
    • Perfect Pairs 30:1
  • Training chips will be used throughout the duration of the tournament.
  • Players are only allowed to play the one box allocated to him/her.



  • 1st Prize - R700
  • 2nd Prize - R300


TOTAL PRIZE MONEY: Base jackpot R2000.00 + R100 buy-ins from the previous 3 weeks top up the jackpot

  • 1st Prize - 70% of total pot
  • 2nd Prize - 20% of total pot
  • 3rd Prize - 10% of total pot


  • 31 January 2014
  • 28 February 2014
  • 28 March 2014
  • 25 April 2014
  • 30 May 2014
  • 27 June 2014
  • 25 July 2014
  • 29 August 2014
  • 26 September 2014
  • 31 October 2014
  • 28 November 2014
  • 26 December 2014
Terms and conditions

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  • All participants have to register at the tables after they paid the entrance fee at the cash desk.
  • There will be a spreadsheet for all the heats, where the scores will be recorded by the Pit boss/shift manager.
  • Participants to ensure that they are present 10 minutes prior to their allocated game time.
  • No shows or late arrivals for their specific game and players will be disqualified for that game.
  • Competitors to check the score at the end of the game and sign acknowledgement next to their name.
  • Entries are not transferable. The entrant must be the player.
  • A player can only have one entry to the finals.
  • No refund for any reason what so ever will be entertained.
  • By signing the registration form the participant agrees to abide by the rules and regulations. Failure to adhere to the rules may result in disqualification.
  • In the event that the scores are equal in the final heat the players with equal scores will be given 7 hands to determine the winner.
  • Management’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • No Person under the age of 18 may enter or participate.
  • A full set of the rules can be obtained from the Winners Circle desk
  • No employee of Frontier Inn and Casino or any employee on the complex is allowed to enter the competition.
  • This promotion can be terminated without any prior notification.
  • In the event of a dispute, the decision of the Frontier Inn and Casino Management will be forwarded to the Free State Gambling and Liquor Authority which will then be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.  Any disputes can be directed to the Free State Gambling and Liquor Authority on telephone number (051) 404-0300.
  • With prior Approval of the Free State Gambling and Liquor Authority, Frontier Inn and Casino may vary or add to the rules of this promotion, in the interest of fairness to all participants.

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